To make art is to sing with the human voice.
— David Bayles and Ted Orland
    Art & Fear

The L.A. ART MACHINE & Merry Karnowsky Gallery, in Collaboration with LAUNCH LA, are proud to present VOX HUMANA, a large-scale, live art installation by celebrated international artists Deedee Cheriel, Augustine Kofie, Edward Walton Wilcox, & Shark Toof at TARFEST music and art festival, September 25, 2011 12 to 6 PM. Taking place over six hours and covering more than 250 square feet of canvas, this unique art happening invites visitors into the esoteric world of the artistic creative process. You are cordially invited to join us for this special art happening.

Septmber 25, 2011
Noon to 6 PM

La Brea Tarpits
Hancock Park
5801 Wilshire Blvd
Los Angeles, California 90036
map it

for more information contact: [email protected] or 323.702.3594


Nalini 'Deedee' Cheriel is a visual artist who started out creating record covers and T-shirts for the Oregon music scene in the early '90s. Born in the hippie town of Eugene, Oregon, she began her own band and record label at the age of 19. Influenced by the popular DIY culture of that time, she played in several all-girl bands (Juned, Adickdid, The Teenangels, The Hindi Guns) and co-created the semi-autobiographical film Down and Out with the Dolls. This artist has lived and studied abroad: Honduras, Chile, England, Portugal, Spain and her native India.

Now residing in Los Angeles, Cheriel's work explores narratives that recognize the urgency and conflict in our continuing attempts to connect to the world. With influences derived from such opposites as East Indian temple imagery, punk rock, and her Pacific Northwest natural environment, her images are indications of how we try to connect ourselves to others and how these satirical and heroic efforts are episodes of compassion and discomfort. Bold elements drawn from landscapes -both urban and natural- and pop culture suggest the ability to find commonalities and relationships between ourselves and our surroundings that inevitably confirm our greater humanity and quest towards love.


With a deep interest in process and structure, Augustine Kofie creates works of intense detail centered on the order of balance. The precision of Kofie's "drafted" art is strongly inspired by modern architecture as well as the form and shape of typography. In his quest for balance, Kofie harmonizes opposing and contradictory dynamics in his work by setting futuristic compositions against vintage earth-toned palettes, and creating organically complex formations through meticulously structured line-work and layering. Active in the Los Angeles graffiti scene since the mid-nineties, the artist's work reflects his ever-growing influence of street culture, the craft of deconstructing lettering, contemporary music as well as 1960's-70's iconography.


The work of Edward Walton Wilcox exposes his darkest dreaming; hand-carved Gothic altarpieces soar twelve feet high while young maidens in nightgowns and child-size skeletons are captured in landscapes of blazing windmills. Hauntingly beautiful, the work is overt in its reference to Gothic convention, in both content and physical facture. Wilcox's use of primitive materials, such as wood, glass, rabbit skin glues, Italian pitch and gesso lend an old world authenticity to the crockets, tracery and other conventions of gothic carpentry that caricaturize the multi-disciplined art of Edward Walton Wilcox.


Shark Toof is best known on the street for his iconic wheatpaste of a hand drawn shark head with "Toof" in the mouth. His current work presents a mash up of human and political stories of adversity that reflects a personal journey of ourselves. Shark Toof's retro pulp, comic book like work depicts scenes of heroism, love and life, in the clutches of doom and recovery. Predator and prey appear to share equal responsibility and purpose. The aesthetic of his paintings, prints, sculptures, and mixed media pieces are illuminated through densely layered colors and textures of acrylic, spray paint, and house paint on distressed or reclaimed wood. With a book in production, his work entering museum halls and his prolific street work covering the US from NY to Miami to LA, Shark Toof is one of the bright new stars in Contemporary Street Art.


Organized by the L.A ART MACHINE, Vox Humana is a program of carefully selected live art happenings and mural installations in the U.S. and abroad by celebrated street artists and muralists from around the world. Founded in January 2010 and based in L.A., Vox Humana has quickly become a premier public art program with major installations in the U.S., Switzerland, and Germany by artists such as Mear One, Retna, El Mac, Kofie, Akut, Hera, Case, Rusk, Phantom, John Park, Hans Haveron, Aly Timbuktustate, Freddy Sam, Cryptik, Shark Toof, Jamie Johnson, Chor Boogie, Claudio Ethos, and others.


L.A. ART MACHINE (LAAM) is a Los Angeles based arts organization and online publication with an eye to global art phenomena. LAAM covers the most relevant and current happenings in the art world, organizes events, curates exhibitions, and advocates for a continuing and vital art community on all levels. The LAAM maintains an aggressive calendar of cutting-edge, world-class art events in the U.S. and abroad.

Presented with support from:

FIND Art Magazine, LAUNCH LA, Merry Karnowsky Gallery and Schelp & Fetch


for more information contact: [email protected] or 323.702.3594

artwork by MEAR ONE, currently on exhibit at the Pasadena Museum of California Art.

To make art is to sing with the human voice.
— David Bayles and Ted Orland
    Art & Fear


Los Angeles, CA — The L.A. ART MACHINE, in partnership with the L.A. MART Design Center and with support from Schlep & Fetch, is proud to present Vox Humana, a three-day live art mural installation by four celebrated Los Angeles muralists and mixed-media artists, MEAR ONE, John Park, Hans Haveron, & ABCNT during the California Gift Show, July 22, 23 & 24 at the L.A. Convention Center.

Los Angeles Convention Center
South & Kentia Halls
1201 S. Figueroa St.
Los Angeles, CA 90015

Dates & Times
Friday, July 22 — Sunday, July 24 10:30 a.m. – 4 p.m.

The Artists


Mear One is a Los Angeles-based fine artist, famously known for his often-political street art. A true virtuoso, Mear One's visual language often pits humanity against dominant corporate and political power structures, where innocence, creativity, and truth prevail under and the most oppressive circumstances. The artist, through his paintings, encourages the viewer to stand up, ask questions, and subvert the pernicious agents of control affecting modern life around the globe.

Mear One is often associated with CBS (Can't Be Stopped -- City Bomb Squad) and WCA (West Coast Artist) crews. As a graphic designer, Mear One has designed apparel for Conart, Kaotic, as well as his own Reform brand. Mear One has done album covers for artists like Freestyle Fellowship, Alien Nation, Limp Bizkit, Busdriver and Daddy Kev. In 2004, Mear One joined artists Shepard Fairey and Robbie Conal to create a series of "anti-war, anti-Bush" posters for a street art campaign called "Be the Revolution" for the art collective Post Gen. As a famed L.A. street artist and prolific graffiti writer for over 20 years his partners have included Kofie, Skate One, Az Rock, Tren, Item, Anger, Yem, and Cisco.


John Park is an artist and teacher living in Los Angeles. He received his training at the Rhode Island School of Design where he studied classical drawing, painting, sculpture and anatomy. His current series is an attempt at reconciling these classical influences with the more urban aesthetic of the Pop Surrealist movement. The paintings themselves are executed in a live, public setting usually in one evening and then taken back to his studio for further reworking and detail work. He teaches drawing and painting at Concord High School in Santa Monica, has three cats and one Tree.


The world of L.A. based artist Hans Haveron is as diverse, witty and complex as the self proclaimed "idea man " himself. He fuses raw and refined, fantastic and natural elements resulting in seemingly effortless striking end statements. Grandson to Glenn Bahm, Houston based fine artist, painter, and eminent head of the Houston Arts Society for over fifteen years, he inherited a longtime background in the arts. The oldest of six, he was born to American painters Bill Haveron and Jerolyn Bahm-Colombik in East Texas, relocating later to the hot, sunny music town of Austin. Growing up, developing his skills surrounded by the boheme of festivals and the politics of art, Hans quickly picked up carpentry, framing, and developed a keen sense of music and the arts early on. Later, closely intertwined in skateboarding culture and Austin's booming live music scene he provided exceptional band posters, designs and graphics for many live performers. Naturally, as he was introduced to the airbrush media by way of graffiti/street art, he also produced many stylish provocative large scale murals on beloved local walls.


Born and raised in Los Angeles, Iranian-American street artist, graphic designer, filmmaker and DJ, ABCNT (absent) creates work that is rooted heavily in politics. His enigmatic trademark design features the upper body of a man in a business suit wearing a bandit mask.


Organized by the L.A ART MACHINE and curated by Bryson Strauss, Vox Humana is a program of carefully selected live art happenings and mural installations in the U.S. and abroad by celebrated street artists and muralists from around the world. Founded in January 2010 and based in L.A., Vox Humana has quickly become a premier public art program with major installations in the U.S., Switzerland, and Germany by artists such as Mear One, Retna, El Mac, Kofie, Akut, Hera, Case, Rusk, Phantom, John Park, Hans Haveron, Aly Timbuktustate, Freddy Sam, Cryptik, Shark Toof, Jamie Johnson, Chor Boogie, Claudio Ethos, and others.

California Gift Show

A fresh California perspective defines the July 2011 California Gift Show®. Recognizing what's new and next in California shapes purchasing trends worldwide, CGS is cultivating the region's hottest emerging product designers, artists and craftsmen, creating a relevant, productive and inspired buying experience for the modern retailer.

Fashion accessories, gourmet, seasonal, garden & home, kids, spa, gift, resort and stationery reflect the traditional to contemporary resources CGS delivers with your customer, today's aspirational consumer in-mind. From a vital cross–section of established manufacturers to an innovative array of regional, new–to–market offerings, CGS is singularly distinguished as the source for brands that define today's California lifestyle.


Bryson Strauss

[email protected]

Thank you to the
L.A. MART Design Center and Schlep & Fetch





To make art is to sing with the human voice.
— David Bayles and Ted Orland
    Art & Fear


VOX HUMANA - at Coachella Music Festival: April 15-17, 2011

LA Art Machine in collaboration with The Do ArT Foundation is excited to present VOX HUMANA, a live art installation featuring renowned street artists HERAKUT, CLAUDIO ETHOS, SHARK TOOF, ALY TIMBUCTUSTATE, and FREDDY SAM as part of this year's Coachella Music Festival in Indio, CA. Organized by members of The Do LaB along with The Do ArT Foundation, the artists will be painting live around The Do Lab music stage at the center of the festival. Over 50,000 daily Coachella attendees will see the incredible line up of artists from Brazil, South Africa, Germany, Senegal and Los Angeles create original works over the course of the three day festival, while countless more can see documentation of this extraordinary event on thedolab.com website.

TIMES: Friday, Saturday, Sunday, April 15-17, 2011 all hours

LOCATION: Coachella Music Festival 2011, Indio CA

For more information on The Do Lab stage please visit: www.thedolab.com

Presented in partnership with:

The Do ArT Foundation, L.A. ART MACHINE, Consulate of Germany, Consulate of Brazil


for more information contact: [email protected] or 323.702.3594







To make art is to sing with the human voice.
— David Bayles and Ted Orland
    Art & Fear

VOX HUMANA - at The AVENUES, Amandalynn, Cryptik, Codak, Shark Toof, this Saturday, March 26, 2011

L.A. Art Machine is excited to present its VOX HUMANA program with live art installations by renowned street artists Amandalynn, Cryptik, Codak, and Shark Toof as part of this year's 14th annual Art & Design Walk in West Hollywood's art, design and fashion district this Saturday, March 26, 2011 from 3 – 7pm. Take a stroll around the neighborhood in an afternoon celebrating the local vibe of the magnetic West Hollywood district and discover the enigmatic creative process of street art happening on the streets. Stop by with a hello at our 'pop-up gallery' across from the Urth Cafee.

Saturday, Marh 26, 2011: 3 – 7pm

Location: On the Avenues: Melrose, Robertson, Beverly Blvd. Begins at Urth Cafee

For more information on the AVENUES' afternoon of events please visit: www.avenueswh.com

Presented in partnership with:

The Avenues, L.A. ART MACHINE, International Urban Art Festival, and FIND Art Magazine.


for more information contact: [email protected] or 323.702.3594






To make art is to sing with the human voice.
— David Bayles and Ted Orland
    Art & Fear

The L.A. ART MACHINE is proud to present VOX HUMANA, a large-scale, live art installation by celebrated international artists Edward Walton Wilcox, Andrew Hem, Shark Toof,and Chor Boogie at the 2011 L.A. Art Show, January 19-23, 2011. Taking place over five days and covering over 500 square feet of canvas, this unique art happening invites visitors into the esoteric world of the artistic creative process.

January 19: 4:00 PM - 10:00 PM
January 20-22: 12:00 PM - 5:00 PM
January 23: 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM

Completion ceremony January 23, 2:00 PM
Los Angeles Convention Center, West Hall
1201 S Figueroa St
Los Angeles, California 90015
map it

Presented in partnership with:

LeBasse Projects, FIND Art Magazine, Merry Karnowsky Gallery, Sister Cities Los Angeles, and Castelli Framing



The L.A. ART MACHINE announces a solo installation and mural by San Francisco artist CHOR BOOGIE at the STROKE Urban Art Fair, Berlin, Germany, October 7-10, 2010.

CHOR BOOGIE is a celebrated West Coast artist, easily recognized by his bold, unpredictable use of color and his unique combination of abstraction and figuration. Wether on canvas or concrete, CHOR BOOGIE is a strict adherent to the spray paint medium, an homage to his roots as a graffiti artist. For nearly two decades, the artist has cultivated a craftsman within his medium allowing him to realize photo realistic details set against abstract backgrounds, putting his work in class all its own among his peers.

This installation at STROKE marks the first full scale collaboration with L.A. ART MACHINE and kicks off a year of programming leading up to the L.A. ART MACHINE International Urban Art Festival

CHOR BOOGIE will install a mural on an original section of the Berlin Wall over the four days of the STROKE Urban Art Fair.

View pictures from the event here: FACEBOOK

SEPTEMBER 21 - 25, 2010 - MA'CLAIM (AKUT, TASSO, CASE) with Guests Retna & Tom Kummer

The GOETHE INSTITUT LOS ANGELES, in collaboration with LA ART MACHINE and supported by the GERMAN FOREIGN OFFICE, is proud to present VOX HUMANA with German graffiti legends MA'Claim (AKUT, TASSO, and CASE).

This historic art happening is a two-fold event. Arriving on Sept. 20, MA'Claim will begin a large-scale mural installation on the side of Boombang, a cutting edge, boutique design firm on the corner of Motor and Palms Ave,in Los Angeles. They will continue the mural through September 24. map it!

Then, on Sept. 25, a live art installation will take place at the Goethe Institut followed by a panel discussion with, MA'Claim, L.A. street artist RETNA, and infamous Swiss journalist and rabble-rouser, Tom Kummer.

September 20 through 24
3459 Motor Ave.
L.A., CA 90034
Wall Commissioned by the Goethe-Institut Los Angeles and sponsored by Montana Paints, and Boombang.

Trailer for the film BAD BOY KUMMER

September 25
5750 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 100
L.A., CA 90036

2:00 - 6:30 p.m. Live Painting
7:00 p.m. Conversation with Ma'Claim,
Retna and Tom Kummer

Tel. +1 323 5253388
Fax +1 323 9343597
[email protected]

Photography by Roger L. Griffith and Kohshin Finley.
Video production by Roger L. Griffith.

JULY 13-21, 2010 - MEAR ONE - ALPHONE MUCHA MURAL - 6th & La Brea, Los Angeles

This incredible VOX HUMANA mural of Alphonse Mucha by MEAR ONE was a true collaboration. Thanks to Liz from Liz's Loft Gallery, the L.A. ART MACHINE, The Miracle Mile Art Walk, 33third.com, Shawni D., and Roger Griffith. Watch Roger Griffith's stop motion video of the entire creation here:

Alphonse Mucha "Commissions" MEAR ONE; Cosmic Synchronicity at its Finest.
Written By: Shawni D

On July 14, 1939, Alphonse Mucha, the most famous artist of the Art Nouveau period, drew his last breath in Prague. On July 14, 2010, prolific L.A. street artist MEAR ONE, power washed a 2 story wall off of 6th Street and La Brea Avenue, preparing it for a major live art installation of a mural he was about to embark upon, honoring the neighborhood of his youth, and two of his most treasured inspirations...read more.

JUNE 16 - 20, 2010 - VOLTA 6, BASEL, SWITZERLAND - Retna, Kofie, Mear One, and El Mac

The L.A. Art Machine in collaboration with Rivera & Rivera Gallery is proud to announce, VOX HUMANA at VOLTA 6, Basel Switzerland during ART BASEL June 16 - 20, 2010. For more information about this event, please contact [email protected] Featured artists Mear One, Kofie, Retna & El Mac.

SEE THE PIX FROM VOLTA 6, SWITZERLAND with Rivera & Rivera Gallery!!

Time Lapse at VOLTA6 Art Fair: Basel, Switzerland from Augustine Kofie on Vimeo.


The American Association of Museum's Annual Conference is an important professional conference for the most prestigious museums and cultural instructions in the U.S., including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Whitney, The Guggenheim, MOCA, LACMA, The Getty, and The Autry to name a only a few.

The L.A. Art Machine is honored to curate the "Wall of Ideas" project, which is a giant interactive painting wall set up at the entrance to the conference. Curator Bryson Strauss with legendary L.A.Street Artists Mear One, Retna and Axis will be on hand to paint with conference visitors and to discuss pressing social, cultural, economic, and artistic challenges facing the country's leading cultural institutions.

The Conference takes place at the L.A. Convention Center May 23 - May 26, 2010.

For more information contact: Bryson Strauss at
[email protected]e.com or call 323.702.3594.


APRIL 16 - 18, 2010 - COACHELLA MUSIC FESTIVAL - Mear One, Hans Haveron, and John Park

In collaboration with the DoLab, The L.A. Art Machine is proud to announce, VOX HUMANA - Coachella April 16, 17, & 18 at the Coachella Music Festival, California. With the greatest musical talent performing in the background and more than 100,000 in attendance, three of L.A.'s top street artists Mear One and Hans Haveron and John Park will paint live on giant canvases provide by world-famous Lucius Hudson Canvases throughout the run of the show.

For more information about this event, please contact [email protected]

Mear One - Coachella 2010 - L.A. ART MACHINE John Park and Hans Haveron Painting

JANUARY 20 - 24, 2010 - L.A. ART SHOW 2010 - Mear One, Kofie, Retna and El Mac


VOX HUMANA is a live art performance by legendary Los Angeles street artists Mear One, Kofie, Retna, and El Mac that will take place during the L.A. Art Show, January 20 - 24, 2010.

Using large-scale canvases, the artists will begin their work on January 20 and will paint live each day from noon to 6 PM. Using acrylic and aerosol paints, Retna and El Mac will collaborate on a canvas that is 12 x 24 feet, while Kofie and Mear One will work independently on 12 x 12 foot canvases. Los Angeles Art Show attendees are invited to witness the completion of the works on Sunday, January 24, 2010 at 2 PM, and participate in a closing celebration.

While much attention has recently been given to street artists in the fine art world with the rise in celebrity of Shepard Fairey, Banksy, and Gajin Fujita, VOX HUMANA marks the first time that a top-tier art fair has recognized, and celebrated the evolution, power, and artistic integrity of street artists in such a bold and public manner. The L.A. Art Show is making history.


IMG_3698 IMG_3750